14-Year-Old New Hampshire Teen Still Missing After Disappearing in 1980

Fourteen-year-old Laureen Rahn mysteriously disappeared from her apartment in Manchester, NH on April 26, 1980. On the night she vanished, she was accompanied by a male and female friend while her mother, whom she shared the apartment with, was on a date with her boyfriend. Rahn hasn’t been seen since.

A Strategic Kidnapping

During an undetermined point in the evening, Rahn’s male friend quickly left the apartment, thinking her mother was home after he heard noises in the hallway. He mentioned that he had heard the door lock behind him just as he left. Her female friend decided to stay, however, and fell asleep before Rahn’s mother, Judith, returned.

Once Judith arrived back at the apartment shortly after 1 in the morning, she noticed that every single light bulb that lined the hallway of the complex had been unscrewed. After stumbling through the dark and feeling for the doorknob, Judith entered the apartment and headed for her daughter’s room.

After poking her head in Rahn’s room and seeing a body asleep in the bed, she went to her own bedroom to call it a night.

A few hours later, she awoke and discovered that the sleeping girl she saw was actually her daughter’s friend. Judith would later find Rahn’s shoes in the living room and the back door completely open.

Suspicious Charges on Phone Bill

Although the authorities originally treated Rahn’s disappearance as a runaway, further details emerged months after Judith reported her daughter missing. After looking over her phone bill, Judith noticed that she was charged with three calls to California on October 1, 1980. Neither she nor her daughter had visited California or had any connections there.

The first two calls were made from a hotel in Santa Monica to another motel in Santa Ana. The third call was made to a teen sexual assistance hotline. In 1986, an investigator located the two hotels and discovered that one of the locations may have been used by a child pornographer named “Dr. Z,” although this individual was never found.

Possible Sightings And Mysterious Calls

For about a year after Rahn went missing, Judith frequently received phone calls around 3:45 am, but the caller wouldn’t say anything. She also received calls during the holidays from an unknown caller that would silently listen on the other end of the line when Rahn’s sister answered the phone.

In 1986, Rahn’s former boyfriend’s mom said she received a call from a woman identifying herself as Laureen or Laurie. Another witness said they had seen someone fitting Rahn’s description prostituting herself in Anchorage, Alaska 1988. Neither of these incidents was confirmed to be related to Laureen Rahn.

Nearly forty years later, authorities and investigators are not any closer to discovering what exactly happened to Laureen Rahn on the evening of April 26, 1980.