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3 Cases from ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ That Were Actually Solved

Did you grow up watching Unsolved Mysteries? The show covered more than a thousand mysteries–and many of them ended up being solved thanks to tips from the viewers. Here are a few of the highlights!

Black Market Babies

In an early episode of the show, a segment focused on Georgia Tann, a social worker at the Tennessee Children’s Home Society who stole children and sold them to wealthy families. She was estimated to have run an adoption scam on more than 5000 children over the course of three decades.

Thanks to the widespread reach of the show, at least 50 people were able to finally find out the truth about the black market adoption scheme that had taken them away from their birth families.

Aww, This One Is Kinda Sweet

Let’s talk about a story that ends with a happy reunion, shall we? In 1953, a young man and woman fell in love and decided to get married. There was only one problem–he was black and she was white.

When Eleanor Wozniak told her family that was pregnant and engaged to be married to John Elias, her father ran him off with a shotgun and forced her to give up the baby for adoption. The couple didn’t see each other again for almost 4 decades.

Elias decided to track down his old flame, and together they appeared on Unsolved Mysteries to see if anyone knew how to find their daughter. A friend of the woman who adopted the baby saw the episode, and the fractured family was able to meet each other for the first time.

Into the Woods

When Susan Bachman decided to seek help for severe depression and anxiety at a psychiatric hospital, it seemed like she might be able to turn her life around. Instead, on the way to the facility, she jumped out of her family’s moving car and ran off into the woods.

Bachman, who was 37 years old at the time, was never seen again. Although police eventually found her phone and wallet in a nearby barn, they were baffled as to the whereabouts of the troubled woman. Her case was featured on the Unsolved Mysteries website in 2014. A year later, police finally located her remains by using cadaver dogs. According to the coroner’s report, she died from her injuries after jumping out of a car going 50 miles an hour.

Unsolved Mysteries ran from 1987 to 2010, and will return to Netflix in a rebooted format next year.

Bryan Wallace

Bryan Wallace

Bryan Wallace is a contributing writer for Active Missing People. With a background in journalism and a fascination with true crime—especially stories of people who disappeared without a trace—he is committed to bringing you the latest (and strangest) reports on missing people.

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