Andrew Gosden: Disappearance from King’s Cross Continues to Baffle


In 2007, a 14-year-old boy named Andrew Gosden disappeared while in Central London. That Andrew was even in Central London at all was incredibly bizarre, given that he lived in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, which is hundreds of miles from London.

The boy’s reason for traveling to London has never been established, and his disappearance remains unsolved.


Andrew Gosden’s family lived in Balby, a suburb of Doncaster. His family described him as something of a homebody, infrequently leaving the house. While he had been a Cub Scout as a boy, he had not interacted with the organization for some time by the time of his disappearance.

Andrew was a model student, who had a great attendance record at school and earned high marks on his schoolwork.

The boy was expected to be an easy fit for Cambridge, given his talent for mathematics. He didn’t frequently discuss school with his parents, however. The day before his disappearance, he seemed normal.

However, the morning he took his trip to London, Andrew was described as “irritable” and slow to get out of bed, which was unusual for him.

The Disappearance

On September 14, 2007, Andrew took two hundred pounds sterling from his bank account and bought a ticket to London from his local train station. After arriving in London, he is last seen on CCTV camera leaving King’s Cross station.

According to his family, he didn’t take much with him. In his bag, he had a game console, his wallet and keys, and little else. He left his passport at home.

Upon discovering that he wasn’t home that evening, Andrew’s family flew into a panic. His sister, Charlotte, told reporters “It was just a complete panic. We initially thought something must have happened on the way to school. When we found that he hadn’t even been to school – even tried to go to school – that was even more worrying.”


Andrew purchased a one-way ticket, which the woman at the counter found odd for such a young person to do. However, Andrew’s family noted that he knew several people in London he could have stayed with.

As for why he left so suddenly, police were unable to determine the exact reasoning for his trip to London.

However, Andrew’s own family has speculated the trip may have simply been a spur-of-the-moment decision that was not thought-out in advance. Several bands he was known to be a fan of were playing in London that day, and he may have attended one of those shows.

Whatever the case, no evidence of Andrew following his exit of King’s Cross station has ever been found. His ultimate fate and current status both remain a mystery.