On August 8, 2013, San Antonio native Brandon Lawson got into an argument with his longtime girlfriend Ladessa Lofton. Lawson was a father of four, and worked in an oil field. Following the argument, Lawson, who was 26 at the time, drove away from home.

A few hours later, he called his brother, Kyle, telling him he’d run out of gas on the side of the highway and was in need of help. Kyle promised to get out to his brother and lend a hand.

Not long after this call, Brandon made another phone call: this time, he phoned 911, though what he was trying to inform them of isn’t clear. He can be heard telling dispatch that he is in a field, and dispatch asks him to clarify what is happening.

He mentions that he ran into someone, though it doesn’t sound like the implication is that he hit them with his car, but the other meaning of the phrase. As in, he happened upon someone on the side of the road. He can be heard asking for a cop, and says “please hurry.”

Bizarre Chain of Events

The next call relating to Brandon came from a trucker who noticed Brandon’s abandoned vehicle on the side of the road. The trucker calls 911 to report the vehicle, and authorities note that this is the second call from that part of the highway in a short period of time.

Kyle, meanwhile, called Ladessa to ask to borrow her gas can so he could bring it to Brandon. Kyle and his girlfriend Audrey stop to buy gas for Brandon to put in the gas can, but Kyle’s check doesn’t clear. Certain he can rectify the situation, Kyle continues to the highway to meet with his brother.

Kyle and Audrey reached Brandon’s truck at roughly the same time as a highway patrolman. Neither seemed to have been aware at this point in time that Brandon had made a call to 911. At this point in time, Kyle receives a phone call from Brandon.

In later statements, Kyle told authorities his brother told him he was “ten minutes up the road,” that he was “in the field” and “bleeding.” Due to Brandon’s outstanding warrants, Kyle thought his brother meant he was in the field hiding out from the police since he had a warrant out for his arrest.

What Happened?

Authorities ascertained that Brandon’s gas tank was, indeed, empty. That evening, unable to find him, the highway patrolman locked up his truck and promised to return the next day to help search for him if he couldn’t be found.

However, Brandon was never seen or heard from again. It is unclear what happened to him. Internet sleuths have tried to piece together the events of that evening but have found no conclusive evidence to point to any prevailing theory.

He may have been on drugs and wandered into the field and become lost, and could have died from an overdose or exposure. Others believe that Brandon’s reports of “running into” someone and then bleeding “in the field” could indicate he was attacked and murdered.

At the time of this writing, it is unclear what ever happened to Brandon. He is missing, presumed dead, but no body has ever been found. For now, his case remains unsolved.