How Can Someone Just Disappear? Mikelle Biggs Vanishing Still Haunts Family


In the winter of 1999, it wasn’t cold in Mesa, Arizona. On January 9, Mikelle Biggs and her sister Kimber played outside, enjoying the mild Arizona winter. It was so mild that they were excited to hear the sounds of the nearby ice cream truck, and Mikelle suggested they wait for it to come by. Kimber, however, was called inside by their mother, and Mikelle told her she’d meet her back outside later.

Kimber wasn’t inside for very long. When she returned outside, her sister was nowhere to be seen. Mikelle’s bike was sitting on its side, one of its wheels still spinning. There was no sign of the nine-year-old girl, and her sister began to panic. When she told her mother that Mikelle was missing, they quickly contacted the police to initiate a search.

It was fruitless, tragically. Mikelle was gone and hasn’t been seen since.


Mikelle’s case remains one of the most troubling missing person’s cases in history due to the complete lack of physical evidence. She was only alone in the yard for a few moments before vanishing completely. The prevailing theory is that she was abducted by a malicious stranger or someone from town who had been stalking the family. However, there is no concrete evidence in any case. The family is unaware of any such stalker and has presumed that the attack was a random crime of opportunity.

It’s unlikely that she just ran off on her own. Nine-year-old children don’t typically make it too far on foot, and she would have been located in the surrounding area by the comprehensive sweep. Other theories are entirely outlandish, like the assertion made by some online enthusiasts who insist that aliens or some other supernatural force abducted Mikelle.

No Closure

Kimber has told reporters that the thing that frustrates her the most about her sister’s disappearance is that the family never got closure. They have no way of knowing whether she’s alive or dead, where she might be, and why someone would have targeted her.

Five years after Mikelle’s disappearance, the family held a funeral for her. She was declared legally dead, and they buried an empty coffin. However, such a ceremony has done nothing to ease the sting of not knowing what happened to Mikelle. With such a small amount of physical evidence in the cases and no leads, it seems unlikely that the family will ever be given any chance to learn what happened to her.