Medicare & Scams – How Missing People are Involved

Over time, Medicare has become one of the leading areas to commit scams and frauds. If you are receiving Medicare then there is a high chance that you can be subjected to your personal information being stolen.

The scams can range from personal data leaked to identity theft. Identity theft can be from people living or people who have been missing.

Missing Persons

The missing person database has shown that on average, there are about 90,000 people missing at any given time in the United States. Although many of them may be found, alive or dead, there are still a large number that remain missing.

Unfortunately, some people are aware of this and use the missing persons information to commit fraud through Medicare or to receive Social Security Assistance.

In order to commit these kinds of scams, the individual will need the personal information of the people who are missing, which becomes public knowledge once a missing report is filed.

To protect your information through Medicare, you should simply destroy your medical information before throwing it in the trash and report any possible fraud you believe is happening.