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Elissa Landry

Missing Arizona Woman and Stepfather Found in Grim Discovery

Investigators looking for Elissa Landry and her stepfather, David Batten, made a grim discovery last week. After being reported missing in April, the two were finally discovered in a hole dug by an industrial excavator.

Both were in an SUV that belonged to Landry. Police have arrested one Allan Thomas Tucker in connection to the burial of the bodies in the SUV.

Tucker is the father of Mitchell Alan Mincks, who was Landry’s boyfriend. Mincks is currently a person of interest in the case. He has not yet been charged in the case.

Tucker, meanwhile, has been charged with two counts of abuse of a corpse. He is suspected by police of using an excavator to dig the hole where the SUV and bodies were found.

Missing Person Case Takes a Grim Turn

Back in April, a pair of dogs belonging to Landry were found running wild. At the time, police asked the public for help locating a blue Subaru Forrester SUV that belonged to Landry. They suspected the missing vehicle was somehow involved in the case.

Mincks is believed to have driven the SUV from Arizona to Iowa in April. He was briefly held in April on offenses that were unrelated to the disappearance of Landry and Batten. However, he has not yet been charged with any crimes in relation to this case.

His father, on the other hand, has been charged with abusing a corpse by burying the bodies of Landry and Batten.

What Happened to Missing People

At the time of this writing, it is unclear what happened to Landry or her stepfather. However, an investigation of Batten’s house led police to suspect they were the victims of foul play. There is speculation that Mincks was involved in their deaths, since his father has been connected to the impromptu burial of their bodies.

Court filings allege Tucker had a third party rent an excavator from a local business. Onlookers saw Tucker and Mincks with the large equipment on April 22. This was some three days after Landry and Batten were last seen alive.

Later, Mincks and his father were both seen buying lime at a store in the area. Lime is known to have properties that help to mask the smell of decaying bodies.

When police discovered the haphazard burial site, lime was detected at the scene.  What’s more, the hole was behind a camper that belongs to Tucker.


Cameron Norris