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Missing California Mom’s Remains Discovered, Husband Charged

Heather Gumina, a 33-year-old mom from California, disappeared in July. Now, her remains have been discovered–and her husband has been charged with her murder.

Missing for 2 Months

Heather Gumina was last seen on July 16 after leaving a hospital where she was treated for a broken collarbone. However, she wasn’t declared missing until 3 days later. That’s when her family reached out to the media for help in bringing Heather home.

Her mother, Joanna Russell, told reporters that it wasn’t like her to leave without contacting anyone. She was especially concerned because her daughter had a broken collarbone–a particularly painful injury. ” I’m praying that someone will hear this or have seen something or might know something and please report it to the sheriff,” Russell wrote in a July 19 public Facebook post.

Investigators discovered her abandoned vehicle, a 2005 black Infiniti, on August 9. At that point, things looked grim for the woman. However, her family did not give up hope.

A Grim Discovery

Tragically, when law enforcement officers arrested Anthony Gumina (44) on Friday on a domestic violence warrant, they discovered Heather’s remains. Gumina was arrested on charges of first-degree murder and is being held without bail.

At least one person is standing by Gumina. His cousin, Robert Shawaluk told reporters that there’s no way Gumina killed his wife. “He did nothing wrong. He loved her. He loved his wife,” Shawaluk said. “And for them to arrest him when he cooperated the whole time. He did nothing but cooperate with the cops.”

A History of Violence

Heather and Anthony had only been married for 4 months before she disappeared. She had previously placed a domestic violence call in February. Gumina–a convicted felon–filed a restraining order against his missing wife on July 23, claiming that she was the one who had been violent with him. For her part, Heather was trying to turn her life around after a history of a string of arrests for DUI, burglary, and other crimes.

The sheriff’s department has declined to release any more details about the case in order to preserve its ongoing investigation. However, we do know that this is now officially a homicide, not a missing person case.

“I’m going to grieve for a very long time,” Russell told local reporters. “It’s like the world’s worst nightmare.”

Heather’s three children, a 14-year-old girl and two boys aged 13 and 4, are being cared for by their grandmother.

Bryan Wallace

Bryan Wallace

Bryan Wallace is a contributing writer for Active Missing People. With a background in journalism and a fascination with true crime—especially stories of people who disappeared without a trace—he is committed to bringing you the latest (and strangest) reports on missing people.

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