Missing Car Enthusiast Case Becomes Homicide Investigation


Renton resident Daniel Shur was last seen on August 22, 2021. Four days later on August 26, one of his friends reported him missing. A police investigation of Shur’s empty home revealed no immediate signs of foul play.

The locks were intact, and police saw no signs of a struggle. Still, Shur’s friends insisted that the 20-year-old car enthusiast left his home under bizarre circumstances.

It simply wasn’t like Daniel Shur to go off the radar for weeks at a time. The young Washington native was a prominent member of the local car scene and often facilitated buying and selling luxury vehicles. Shur’s prominence in this community helped investigators ramp up the search for him, as detectives could question Shur’s fellow car club members. Despite these leads, the trail went cold until September.

Shur’s Remains Discovered

Shur’s disappearance became a homicide investigation after the discovery of his remains. On September 24, Thurston County authorities were called out to a remote region of Olympia when a resident discovered human remains hidden in the woods.

The official police report indicates that the body had already badly decomposed when the authorities recovered it. The body’s identity was confirmed by an autopsy, as Shur had no identifying documents on him when he died.

The autopsy revealed that the young man’s manner of death was not accidental. His remains bear numerous stab wounds, which were the cause of his death. Investigators say that there is no doubt that Shur was the victim of homicide, as the wounds couldn’t have been self-inflicted.

Investigation Ongoing

The Thurston County Sherriff’s office is handling the investigation into Shur’s disappearance and subsequent murder. The case currently centers around Shur’s involvement with local car clubs and his hobby of buying and selling vehicles. Investigators are looking for any information about people who have made vehicle transactions with Shur in the past year. People who knew Shur or his associates are encouraged to contact the authorities. Information such as the young man’s recent transactions or details about anyone who resented his business could help crack the case.

Likewise, detectives wish to speak with anyone who witnessed anything suspicious on the 2200 Block of Reservation Road Southeast in Olympia between August 22 and September 24. Anyone with information should contact Detective Renggli at (425) 430-7525 or via email at jrenggli@rentonwa.gov.