Missing on New Years Eve: Son of Missouri Judges Vanishes

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On New Year’s Eve, 25-year-old Alexander Holden disappeared while walking to a friend’s apartment in Sacramento, California.

Holden Vanishes

Holden was last seen around 2:30 a.m. on New Year’s. His girlfriend, Kennedi Perri, told investigators that he was leaving for a friend’s house in Natomas, where he planned to spend the night.

Although Holden’s apartment is located off I Street near 22nd Street, he was reportedly comfortable enough with the area to go on foot along the Sacramento Northern Bikeway trail. Perri claims that her boyfriend often walked or ran along that trail.

“He’s a long-distance marathon runner so he has done that trail before and he used to live in Natomas, so it all kind of connects,” Perri said.

Perri claims that she did not join her boyfriend because she had to be up early the next morning. She believes that his phone must have died during his walk. Since Holden’s disappearance, Perri and his friends have been handing out flyers in midtown Sacramento.

“Alex is a very strong person and very smart, smart, smart person,” Perri said. “He would never really do anything to put himself in danger. But it scares us not to have heard from him yet.”

His Parents Speak Out

Although Alexander Holden has been living in Sacramento for several years, where he works for Amazon, his roots are in Missouri. His parents are Judge Clavin Holden and Associate Judge Margaret Palmietto. In addition, his uncle is the former governor of Missouri.

Judge Calvin Holden told reporters, “Yes, I am very concerned.” His father claims that Holden has “no history of disappearing.”

A week after his disappearance, his father was still hopeful that Alexander Holden might be found:

“We’re just trying to think of leads, other ways to find out where he may be. Each day, as it goes on, it gets harder, but we’re still hopeful, but there’s been no word from him.”

Have You Seen Him?

Alexander Holden is 25 years old and stands 6 feet, 1 inch tall. He is a white male and weighs approximately 190 lbs. His eyes and hair are both brown.

He was last seen wearing the tan pull-over fleece jacket pictured above.

If you have seen Alexander Holden or have any information about his disappearance, please call 911 or the Sacramento Police Department Dispatch Center at 916-808-5471.