Missing: Woman Posing as Family Service Worker Takes 12-Year-Old


A 12-year-old girl has gone missing in Missouri after a woman posing as a family services worker took her; plus, mystery surrounds a man who disappeared after a car accident and reward for missing Albuquerque woman.

12-year-old taken by a woman posing as a family service worker

, a frantic search remains underway after a 12-year-old girl left her Jennings, Missouri home overnight with a woman pretending to be an employee with the Department of Family Services, according to police.

Jariah Hickman, 12, was last seen at approximately 5:30 PM on Wednesday, getting into a black Chevrolet Impala in the 5400 block of Hamilton, KMOV4 reported.

The girl’s mother told police that a woman presenting herself as a family services worker took her daughter. She describes a woman as wearing a black peacoat and khaki pants.

Investigators contacted the Department of Family Services, who said the agency did not take the girl.

Jariah Hickman is described as 12 years old, 5 foot 4 inches tall, and weighing 170 pounds. At the time of her disappearance, she wore a red jacket and black pants with white stripes.

Anyone with information is urged to call 911 or the St. Louis County Police Department at 636-529-8210.

Reward: Family seeks info for Albuquerque woman missing for one month

A family is now seeking the public’s help and offering a reward for information and finding an Albuquerque woman who vanished one month ago.

Christina Quintana, 31, was last seen by her sister at a Walmart on Carlisle Boulevard on December 20, 2021, KOB4 reports.

“She came up and gave me a hug because we hadn’t seen each other in a couple of years,” the sister said. After catching up, the sister said the pair walked off in different directions. She has not heard from her sister since.

The sister filed a missing person report last week with the Albuquerque police.

The family is now offering a $2500 reward for any information on Christina’s whereabouts.

Christina Quintana is described as 31, brown hair, brown eyes, five foot four inches tall, weighing 140 pounds.

Anyone with information is urged to call one of these numbers: 505-236-2085, 505-217-6222, or 505, 305-9901.

Tips can be shared anonymously with the Albuquerque police by calling 242-COPS.

Mystery: Man still missing after walking away from car accident

Following a car accident on January 22, 2022, Tommy Howe, 24, from Antioch, Illinois, was last seen running away from the traffic collision at 11 AM, near Interstate-94 and Route 176.

Howe simply disappeared after the accident, his family says, who began looking for him shortly after that, according to Antioch Police Chief Geoff Guttschow, WGN 9 reported. The family filed a missing persons report late Saturday evening. The chief says he does not know why Tommy ran from the accident or his intended destination.

Police say they learned Howe had an employer-issued cell phone, and he left his phone in the car at the time of the accident.

Authorities could track the employer-issued cell phone to the Old School Forest Preserve, which spans roughly 4500 acres. Without success, this initiated a massive search for Howe’s whereabouts on Sunday.

However, authorities say they located the cell phone within the forest preserve lying in the snow.

Thomas Howe is described as male, 24, with brown hair, brown eyes, Caucasian, and five foot eight inches tall. He was last known to be wearing a gray North Face jacket and jeans.