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Elissa Landry

Police in Arizona Looking for Help in Missing Person Case

Following the discovery of a pair of dogs in Waterloo, Arizona, police quickly ascertained that this pointed to a missing person case. Arizona police were contacted about the dogs, who belong to an Elissa Landry, 28, when they were found running wild.

The dogs were handed off to a local animal shelter, and police have launched an investigation into Landry, who is now missing. Also missing is Landry’s stepfather, David “Nick” Batten.

Elissa Landry is five foot ten, with brown hair and brown eyes, and weighs roughly 155 pounds. Landry is known to go by “Ellie” to her friends. Her stepdad, Batten, is 45, six feet tall and weighs 255 pounds. He also has brown hair and brown eyes. It is unclear what happened to either of them.

Police Searching for a Blue Subaru

Arizona police are searching for a blue Subaru Forester that is thought to be involved in the case. The Forester has an Arizona Veteran’s license plate, WV 1236. The “WV” in the plate indicates that it is a Women’s Veteran plate. This makes it a rather distinctive license plate. Police are hoping that anyone with information on this vehicle can help them locate it.

A person of interest in the case, Mitchell Mincks, is believed to have driven the vehicle from Arizona to Iowa. While Mincks is in police custody, authorities have reported that he is not cooperating. Mincks, 24, is being held due to suspicion that he was somehow involved in the disappearance of Landry, who is allegedly his girlfriend. He may also be involved in the disappearance of Batten.

Investigation Still Underway

It is unclear what happened to Landry or her stepfather, Batten. While Mincks is being held by police currently, it is due to an unrelated offense. He has not been charged of any crimes in relation to this case at the time of this writing. Police have questioned Mincks, but he has allegedly proven uncooperative. It is unclear what caused police to connect Mincks with case.

An initial investigation of Batten’s residence in Arizona lead local police to suspect foul play was to blame for their disappearance. That investigation, on April 22, followed the discovery of Landry’s dogs. At the time of this writing, it is unclear what happened at Batten’s home, how Landry’s dogs got loose, and what Mincks’ role in their disappearance, if any, could have been.

The blue Forester is believed by police to be a pivotal piece of evidence in the case. However, they have been unable to locate it. Anyone with information into the whereabouts of the vehicle should contact the authorities.


Cameron Norris