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Most of us think that human trafficking is something that only happens a world away – until it doesn’t. This is a problem that can happen in the few seconds that it takes to go to the bathroom or just look away to shake hands with a friend.

Protecting your children in real-time is not a matter of global, national or even local policy. It is a tactical operation that requires your vigilance at all times. Here are a few of the best tips straight from Homeland Security about how to accomplish this.

Keep Communication Lines Open

Make sure you have a two-way line of communication open with your children about what is going on in their world. Grooming your kids to follow orders takes time, and the crooks won’t have this time if you know about your kids’ daily activities.

Give Kids a Strategy

Practice with your kids what they should do if they are ever attacked. Tell them to run and yell. Teach them how to fight. Let them know that if their safety is threatened, it is absolutely alright to behave this way. Yelling is ok for boys as well. Make sure they are never shamed into yelling for help if they need it.

Use the Internet

Aside from seeing who your kids are talking to, you can use the Internet in other ways. Real-time news feeds can let you know about potential threats in your area. Make sure you go over news reports with your kids to let them know that they should be cautious at all times.

Meet Friends

If your kids are meeting new people, you should be meeting them as well. You should know about not just friends, but friends of friends. Have knowledge of the social circles your kids are rolling in.

Communicate with Other Parents

Let other parents know if you have seen or heard something suspicious. They may have information that you don’t have.

Never be afraid to pry into your children’s lives in order to protect them. Human trafficking is a problem that can be stopped from doorstep to doorstep, and it begins with you.