By now you’ve probably heard that Murder Hornets, or Vespa Mandarinia, have arrived on US shores. These hornets are the largest in the world. Most are 1.5 to 2 inches long.

Their sting is highly toxic, and they can sting multiple times in quick succession. The pain has been compared to being stabbed with a hot nail. Imagine that multiple times!

Although their toxin is not usually fatal to humans, because they can sting so many times, and have more poison, if you are stung, you MUST seek medical treatment immediately. Do not wait. An average of 50 people die every year due to these hornets in Asia.

Additionally, since their nests are hidden deep in forests, and shallowly buried, you could be stung when you are hiking or exploring alone. Make sure that you walk with friends, or keep people in your life aware of your whereabouts. Try to walk where you still have bars on your phone to call in case of an emergency.