Kidnapping and missing persons is a problem everywhere in the United States. However, there are certain locations where missing persons cases seem to be higher than others. Here we will take a look at the states with the highest numbers of missing persons cases.


Alaska has a missing persons rate that is always hovering around two times the national average. This is also the state with the highest percentage of missing people who never come back.

One part of the state with the highest rate of missing persons has been compared to the Bermuda Triangle – there are several cases of people going missing there under dubious circumstances.


The state of Arizona celebrates a day commemorating its missing persons, and like Alaska, its rate of missing persons stands at more than 10 cases per hundred thousand residents. During the yearly Missing in Arizona Day, communities will come together to try to find people who have been missing for a long time.


Crater Lake in Southwest Oregon has been noted as a place with an extraordinarily high number of disappearances. Its highest number of disappearances seem to occur in and around national parks and forests.


Huffington Post categorizes the state of Washington as having between five and seven missing persons per 100,000 residents at any given time.


Nevada is a state full of wide-open deserts and the dense urban sprawl of Las Vegas. In Las Vegas, 60 to 80 people go missing per weekend. However, it also has a location that has been compared to the Bermuda Triangle.

It is known as the Nevada Triangle, a wide-reaching area of desert with an extraordinarily high number of missing persons cases attributed to it.

Many experts believe that areas with low population densities have a better chance of high missing persons ratios. There are many unknowns in places with a lot of forests and wilderness, including animals and other hazards such as old traps of hunters.

There is also a relatively low presence of law enforcement in these areas, which usually concurs with a higher missing persons rate.

On average, 90,000 people are reported missing in America at any given time. In most cases, these people are never found. Make sure that you take proactive care to protect yourself and your loved ones from danger, especially in places that are more likely to have missing persons cases.