There’s an old urban legend that crime gets worse in the summer. Some have actually suggested that crime is worse after the temperature rises to a certain degree. While that is probably not true, it is true that crime is worse in summer, but there are some very practical reasons for that.

This year has already been pretty stressful for everyone. Tensions are high, and being trapped inside has put everyone on edge. We haven’t even gotten to the high heat.

It’s daylight longer, meaning that people are out and about even during lockdown. Contrary to popular belief, most robberies occur during the day. In the summer, people go on vacation, or take day or weekend trips. Robbers just love that.

Even when home, screen doors can be easily and silently cut. Robberies are generally crimes of opportunity. Robbers see a house that is clearly empty and grab their chance. A complete dark house, or even one with a single light left on at all hours is a sure sign.

Put your lights on timers that mimic when you are home. Have a neighbor hold your mail. Add nails to your window frames, or better yet, alarms.