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Mekayla Bali

Teenage Girl’s Disappearance Baffles Investigators

On April 12, 2016, a 16-year-old girl named Mekayla Bali was last seen by her friends at Sacred Heart High School in Saskatchewan, Canada around noon. Her subsequent disappearance, and her unusual behavior throughout the day, have baffled investigators in the years since.

Despite a thorough investigation by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and hours of footage of her from the day of her disappearance, her case remains open and unsolved.

“A Perfectly Normal Girl”

Bali has been described by friends and family as “quiet” and “reserved”. According to her friends, she loved fantasy novels and The Hunger Games. By all accounts, she was a perfectly normal Canadian teenager. When last her friends saw her in her hometown of Yorktown, SK, she claimed she was heading out for a vacation to nearby Regina for the weekend.

According to her friends, Mekayla had been interacting with several boys or men online through an app called Kik. She also exchanged messages with internet boyfriends over Snapchat. On the day she disappeared, she can be seen on multiple security cameras either messaging people on the phone or talking on the phone.

Timeline of Events

Mekayla was dropped off at school around 8 in the morning. Shortly after being dropped off, she left the school and headed for the nearby TD Bank. There, she withdrew roughly 50 dollars, most of what she owned. She then headed to a nearby pawnshop and tried to pawn a silver ring. The owner of the shop told her it wasn’t worth much. Apparently unbothered, she continued her walk.

Later, she was spotted on a security camera in a combined Tim Horton’s and Wendy’s. There, she is seen talking on the phone and messaging people for about an hour. She leaves the restaurant through one door at one point, then turns around, re-enters, and leaves through another door.

Mekayla briefly returns to Sacred Heart around noon to tell her friends she’s going on vacation to Regina. She leaves shortly after. Later that day, she is spotted approaching a bus station in Yorktown. Investigators are fairly certain she did not purchase a ticket. Her last known whereabouts are between 1:00 and 2:00 PM that day, when she leaves the bus station.

What Happened?

There are a few theories about what could have happened to Mekayla following her disappearance. Several of them are grim. Some suspect the 16-year-old was groomed and abducted by human traffickers. Others have floated the theory that she may have taken her own life after running away from home.

Sightings of girls that look like Mekayla have persisted over the years, however. As recently as January 2020, tipsters have claimed to see a woman that looks like a now-20-year old Mekayla in various cities to the west of Yorktown. Most recently, there has been a report that she was seen in Capilano River, near the West Coast of Canada.

As for what really happened to Mekayla Bali on the afternoon of April 12, we may never know for sure.


Cameron Norris