Where you one of the many Americans that received a $1200 stimulus check? Chances are, you probably did… but where did all this money come from?

The stimulus check assisted many people in their time of need, including families and business owners. The bill was passed by Congress, and with it they spent over 3.6 trillion dollars, which may or may not make a difference in the upcoming future.

Reality vs. Expectation

Let’s face it, the majority of Americans are all reeling from not being able to work. Republicans and Democrats have gone back and forth on what The Fourth stimulus bill should entail.

The Democratic party would like $1 trillion in aid because of the massive amount of unemployment claims and the number of businesses that are shut down. On the other hand, the Republican party believes that amount is too high and should be lowered.

The Republican party would like to give America assistance but they would like the next round of aid to be no more than $150 billion.