They’re Still Out There: 5 People Still Missing from 2021


As the year comes to a close, these five people who vanished without a trace in 2021, leaving their loved ones heartbroken and confused by their sudden disappearance, remain missing

  1. Tennessee: Summer Wells, age 5

On June 15, Summer vanished from her home in Rogersville while her mother briefly left her alone, The Daily Beast reported. Sheriffs have searched the mountainous area around the home and are still seeking info on the driver of the Toyota pickup spotted in the area at the time. However, The Tennessee Bureau of Investigations (TBI) said that there was “no evidence that she was abducted earlier this month.” TBI continues to examine any possibility of “foul play” in the case.

Girl’s aunt disappeared in 2009

Adding even more to the mystery, a decade earlier, Rose Bly, the aunt of Summer Wells, disappeared and has never been found.

California: Heidi Planck, age 39

On October 17, Planck was seen leaving her 11-year-old son’s football game. On the same date, she was last seen walking down an alley near the Los Angeles high-rise, where her dog was later found wandering on the 28th floor. It is unclear if she knew anyone in the building. Her ex-husband called authorities three days later when she didn’t pick up her son from school. He believes her disappearance is linked to her work at Camden Capital Partners, where her boss has been charged for his alleged role in a $43 million tribal bonds scheme. In late October, the case shifted into a robbery-homicide investigation. The Los Angeles Police Department found evidence in the building indicating Planck’s death occurred there, but her remains haven’t been found.

Georgia: Tiffany Foster, age 35

Recently engaged and preparing to graduate from Georgia Military College, Foster, a mother of three, was last seen at her apartment on March 1, The Daily Beast reported. She was reported missing when she didn’t show up for class the next day and subsequently missed work and a flight to Texas on March 11. Her car was found in College Park on March 8, roughly 30 miles from her home, with her purse and keys inside. Coweta County Sheriff’s Office arrested her fiancé, Reginald Robertson, over an earlier incident on kidnapping and aggravated assault charges. He said he had spoken to her, and she told him she was going to run an errand. The next thing he knew, “she was gone, just like that.”

Arizona: Ella Mae Begay, age 63

The silver Ford pickup truck belonging to this master rug Weaver and Navajo woman was last seen pulling away from her home in the wee hours of the morning on June 15. Her family says she’s not the type to leave in the middle of the night and believes she was taken. A person of interest was arrested two days later on unrelated charges. Since then, little evidence has surfaced. The FBI is involved, and her disappearance is now classified as a homicide.

Arizona: Daniel Robertson, age 24

On June 23, Robinson, a geologist from Scottsdale, left a job site driving a blue Jeep. He was reported missing that evening, and Buckeye Police began searching the following day. On July 19, police found Robinson’s SUV crashed in a ravine less than three miles from the job site with all his personal belongings inside. A forensic report of the vehicle revealed it was involved in a rollover crash and found evidence of over 40 ignition cycles, suggesting possible efforts to restart the car or use the electrical system. Last month, human remains were found in the area, but they did not match Robinson. The FBI is involved, but the family has hired an independent investigator. The investigator told KPNX the event looked staged, and the site appeared to be carefully orchestrated. Robinson’s father said the investigators’ findings showed “a possible crime had occurred.” But Buckeye Police disagree, with a spokesperson saying: “Right now, the evidence doesn’t point to that.”