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Jane McDonald-Crone was 34 at the time of her disappearance. Today, she’d be 60.

Although she arrived at work safely and completed her entire shift, she did not return home that evening. Her husband reported her missing a few days later–and hasn’t seen her in 26 years.

The Day She Disappeared

McDonald-Crone was working at Baker-Hughes Tool Co. in Houston while attending North Harris Community College in Tomball, Texas. On November 12, 1993, she left her home on Nichols Sawmill Road early in the morning.

At the time of her disappearance, McDonald-Crone was 5’11” and about 140 pounds. She had dark brown hair and green eyes and was last seen wearing dark jeans, a light-colored blouse with long sleeves, and white sneakers according to the FBI.

Spotted at a Night Club

Around 1 am on November 14, McDonald-Crone was spotted at a night club in north Harris County, Texas dancing with an unidentified man. Witnesses say he was approximately  5’11 and weighed 160 pounds with dark hair and a mustache. He also wore blue jeans and a cowboy hat and referred to himself as David.

Although “David” was the last person seen with McDonald-Crone, he is not believed to be a suspect since she left the night club by herself. Despite not being a suspect, local authorities still want to identify and locate this man for questioning.

Abandoned Ford Mustang Discovered

On November 16, approximately 2 days after McDonald-Crone was last seen and 4 days since she left home, her blue 1982 Ford Mustang (with Texas license plate number FXY-01G) was discovered at the intersection of FM 2920 and Roberts Cemetery Road. Her abandoned vehicle was left merely 3 blocks from her home in Magnolia, TX.

Although her school textbooks were found inside, her purse and any identification were not present. Upon further investigation, there were no signs of violence or a struggle. Local witnesses mentioned they had seen the car parked in the same location since November 13.

Actively Searching for Jane-McDonald Crone

Currently, authorities along with the FBI suspect that McDonald-Crone was taken against her will. Since there was no sign of a struggle inside her vehicle, it’s assumed her abduction took place somewhere near the night club.

The search is still ongoing, and the FBI hopes to receive the assistance of the general public in the apprehension of not only the individual(s) responsible for the missing woman’s disappearance but also McDonald-Crone herself.

If you or anyone you know has information about Jane McDonald-Crone or her abductors, please contact the FBI’s Houston field office at (713) 693-5000.