Why Does California Have So Many Missing Children?

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According to studies conducted by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the state of California has a rate of missing children that is almost 9 times the national average. Since 1994, the number of missing children in the state has risen to 4541. Currently, the state has 614 missing children cases open.

If you live in California, you may wonder why the state seems to outpace the rest of the nation when it comes to missing children. Law enforcement experts have some ideas, although nothing is set in stone.

Let’s take a look at why some of the experts believe that California has so many missing children.

It’s a Bigger State

Part of the reason that California has many missing children may simply be because of the surface area of the state. If a child goes missing in California, there is much more area to cover than in other states.

The California Forest

States with a great deal of rural and forest areas tend to have more missing children than other states. Although California is best known for Hollywood and Silicon Valley, it is actually quite a green state.

Families with children in cities that are next to widespread forest areas are encouraged to be more vigilant.

Less Resources

Believe it or not, many places in the great state of California do not have the appropriate amount of law enforcement resources to go after all of their missing children’s cases with vigor. Because of the size of the state, many law enforcement agencies are stretched very thin.

If there is no information hub (which is what law enforcement provides) for the case, it is much more difficult to consolidate that information and come up with a successful plan for finding the child.

We do not bring you these statistics to upset you. We simply want you to know that families in California are at a much higher risk of having a missing child than in other parts of the country.

Take the best practices of your local law enforcement agency in California, and take special pains to protect your children at all times.